The weekend box office is looking colorful as Monsters University, Pixar’s return to the 2001 comedy, is set to dominate. Gearing up for takings to the tune of $80 million (according to the Los Angeles Times) by the end of the weekend, Monsters University is set to topple other new releases, such as Brad Pitt’s nod to the zombie genre, World War Z and even Warner Bros.’ monster hit (no pun intended) Man of Steel. This would make Monsters University’s opening weekend the fourth biggest this year. It would also make it Pixar’s biggest opening weekend since Toy Story 3 in 2010. And if Monsters U doesn’t quite catch up to Toy Story in emotional depth or originality of plot, it still shows (hopefully) that the California-based animated dream factory is finally onto something – after flops like Cars 2 and lackluster releases, such as Brave.

Monsters University is a sort of prequel to the 2001 movie. While in Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully are a pair of bachelors, sharing an apartment and working together at the scare factory, here we see them back in their college days – at the beginning of their friendship, when Mike is a hardworking loser and Sully – an overly confident jock with a legacy at the university. After both join the same fraternity – the unimpressive Oozma Kappa and have to compete with rival frat Roar Omega Roar, their friendship begins to slowly unfold.

Watch the Monsters University trailer here.

 If you’re thinking that this sounds like a typical setup for a buddy comedy, you’d be right. However, execution matters and this is where Pixar shines. With quick pacing, clever gags and, of course, beautiful animation, Monsters University is a joy to watch and apparently scores of moviegoers worldwide agree with that sentiment.

John Goodman, Critics Choice AwardsBilly Crystal, Geffen Playhouse Annual Fundraiser
John Goodman and Billy Crystal team up once again in the monster hit.