John Foxx & LOUIS GORDON With Support From SWARF


Support From SWARF

Manchester Academy Three 12/09/03

The seldom seen sight of a pantomime frock, bright red hair and a nose ring was that which that greeted the gatherers with bouncy synth fuelled, body swerving tunes was a nice surprise to the evening. Brighton’s Swarf with their lush Bjork vocal style from Liz Green produced a captivating display of dark wave elctrofunk. The instrumentals at times, had a Saturday night at the club commercial dance feel to them, but that did not detract from the main attraction of Liz’s sparkling singing voice. The lyrics that resonated around the neat venue were rather meaningful and sharp for your standard electro track, as was demonstrated in the highlight number of a bright set ‘Vision’:

‘We stand on the edge, where the vision is clear.’

Music - JOHN FOXX & LOUIS GORDON With Support From SWARF

Louis Gordon entered the stage first and was exuberant right the way throughout the 90 minute set, jumping around like a giant flea on a floor of hot coals. The suavely dressed and charismatic ex Ultravox front man John Foxx stormed onto stage as though he was in a hurry, being a prolific album maker who bought out 5 albums in 1997/98 alone it was evident he had a lot to get through. Saying little to the crowd but a few muted ‘Thanks’ he kept the air of mystery that surrounds him and continues into his fascinating blend electrofunk, punk and anything that goes variety of music.

The ever forward looking Foxx utilised his latest album ‘Crash And Burn’ early on with the crude chorused ‘Ultra Violet/Infrared’ accompanied by crashing Bass. The intriguing new track ‘Dust And Light’ with a David Bowie feel, added to the fresh feel of the latest offering. It wasn’t until the self titled track that Foxx really lost himself in the music, as he swayed randomly and forcefully like a glass of Port in a sizzled member gentry’s hand at a function. For the nostalgic members of the crowd ‘Shifting City’ closed the main set, then they were treated encore inclusive of the gentle and sombre ‘My Sex’. Tonight proved without a doubt that Foxx is still fresh and has plenty more to offer.

David Adair