In 2001, original CCR bassist Stu Cook, drummer Doug Clifford and Fogerty reached an agreement that would allow the group to co-exist after years of legal battles and Fogerty also settled for a percentage of their touring and merchandise earnings.

However in December (14), Cook, Clifford and the wife of late guitarist Tom Fogerty - John's brother - filed a lawsuit in a long-running dispute over the group's name, claiming the singer had violated trademarks.

Fogerty fired back, insisting he had the right to perform classic CCR songs he had written, and he is now claiming Cook and Clifford have not paid him for the use of his songs, touring and merchandise since 2011.

In the lawsuit, filed on Friday (10Jul15) in California, Fogerty alleges the band is not honouring the agreement, claiming the name could only be used when Cook and Clifford appeared onstage together.

It is unclear how much compensation he is seeking.