John Edwards, the former American Presidential candidate and husband of the recently deceased Elizabeth Edwards, proposed to his girlfriend RIELLE HUNTER just three weeks after the death of his wife, reports the New York Post. Elizabeth passed away as a result of a long battle with cancer on December 7th 2010 and Edwards reportedly popped the question during a romantic holiday getaway.
The former Democratic Presidential candidate then arranged for his children Cate, Jack and Emma Claire to meet Hunter for the first time at the 'MACaroni Grill' restaurant in Charlotte. John and Elizabeth had been married for 32 years but split back in January 2010 after it emerged that the politician had engaged in an affair with Rielle, a Democrat campaign worker. The affair led to the birth of a baby girl named 'Frances Quinn Hunter'. Earlier this week, it was reported that Elizabeth, an attorney and health care activist, cut John out of her will completely before her death, leaving all possessions and property to her three children.
Edwards was first diagnosed with breast cancer the day that John Kerry and her husband conceded defeat in the 2004 US Presidential Election to George W Bush.