Adventure Time is being made into an animated feature film. The hugely popular Cartoon Network show is currently being developed by Warner Bros. The news comes after years of speculation about the possibility of adapting the series for the big screen but the project has officially been confirmed, according to Deadline. Details remain sketchy but the show's creator Pendleton Ward is rumoured to be involved in the project and the producers' names have been revealed.

John Di Maggio
John Di Maggio provides the voice for Jake the Dog.

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Chris McKay and Roy Lee will reportedly be producing the upcoming movie. McKay has worked on a number of big budget animations including Robot Chicken and The Lego Movie. Lee also worked with McKay on The Lego Movie as a producer. Lee has also worked on The Woman in Black and its sequel, Bates Motel and How To Train Your Dragon 2. Lee and McKay are set to work together again, in addition to the Adventure Time feature film, on The Batman Lego Movie. McKay will direct and Lee will produce. 

Adventure Time centres on Finn the Human and his dog Jake, as they battle the evil Ice King in order to protect their beloved Land of Ooo. Along the way they also encounter Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen. Jeremy Shada provides the voice of Finn and John DiMaggio voices Jake. Hyden Walsh, Olivia Olsen and Tom Kenry also lend their voices to the show. 

Deadline first reported the news.

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