John Cusack's Rush Limbaugh biopic will begin filming next year, a report from Cusack's production company New Crime Productions said.

The film, whose working title is Rush, will see the über-liberal actor portray one of America's most outspoken conservatives, which means the slender, fully haired actor will have to undergo some transformation to resemble the portly, balding Limbaugh. Still, this kind of transformation will hardly be Hollywood's biggest achievement to date, so we're not doubting that he'll pull it off.

Director Betty Thomas, who's set to work on the film in some capacity (it is unsure whether she will direct), said the production company, which is owned by Cusack, are currently applying the finishing touches on a script that will star the actor, adding that production will begin next year. So far, no other details about the film have been released about the project.

Limbaugh's publicist told the press on Friday (Nov. 2) that he would be checking with the host for comment on the film. Meanwhile, the agency representing Cusack refused to give comment on the project.

Limbaugh has often been at the forefront of right-wing controversy, and most recently mocked Republican Governor Chris Christie (NJ) for his "bromance" with President Barack Obama after Christie praised the president's able handling of Hurricane Sandy and it's aftermath. Earlier this year he called a law student a "slut" and "a prostitute" live on air after she spoke to Democrats at Congress, saying that the proposed health plans should pay for contraception.