WWE Superstars John Cena and Nikki Bella have been huge stars of the wrestling world for some time now. As some of the company's most popular faces, they've not only enjoyed success inside a WWE ring, but on reality shows 'Total Divas' and 'Total Bellas' amongst various other places and outlets.

One of those places is the official YouTube account for The Bella Twins; one that Nikki shares with her twin sister Brie Bella. Reaching over half a million subscribers on the video sharing platform, Nikki and her fiance John decided to celebrate the occasion with a naked video, bearing all for their loyal fans who would likely love to see the two in the buff.

In the video, John seems to be less than excited about stripping off, but is easily convinced by his future wife when she demands he take his clothes off for all those waiting to see the goods, even joking: "I think my tube's on YouTube." 

When the pair do strip down, their modesty is of course obscured with pixelated boxes, but that doesn't stop the video from being a great one.

Dancing around in their birthday suits, John suddenly lets out a whopping fart right towards his less-than-impressed fiancee.

"What the f**k? Are you kidding me? What did you eat, someone else's farts?" she rages, before storming out of the camera's view, only returning to throw her crumpled up paper sign at the wrestling star's chest.

John Cena also hosts US show 'American Grit' / Cr: Michael BeckerJohn Cena also hosts US show 'American Grit' / Cr: Michael Becker

Of course, the fart and falling out were likely all a ruse for the hilarious video, which is close to racking up a million views on YouTube after being on the site for under 24 hours. We're sure Nikki and John are still on very good terms despite the faux pas.

The pair made history earlier this year at WrestleMania, where John proposed live to Nikki in front of 75,000 stadium fans and millions watching at home. Tears flowed and emotions ran high, with Nikki loved up and agreeing to tie the knot with her beau.

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No date has yet been given for the wedding, but we expect to see pictures of the pair in the media once they say their vows.