John Cena has admitted some film directors expect more from him thanks to his WWE background.

The 'Argylle' actor - who plays a character called Wyatt in director Matthew Vaughn's new spy comedy - insisted his experience in professional wrestling can help but it doesn't mean he has all the skills needed for action scenes on set.

Appearing on the BBC's 'The One Show' in the UK, he said: "I’m well disciplined in the world of WWE stunts and lifting people up, as you see in the trailer for 'Argylle'.

"But a lot of directors when they cast me would just assume I have a matrix knowledge of everything… knowing Kung Fu.

"One moment with one director when they looked at fight choreography and they said, ‘No that’s not it just do some of that Krav Maga.’

"Its like ‘OK, no problem, I just need to go home for 10 years, master that and come back!' "

Vaughn jokingly described Cena as the "muscle for Henry Cavill" in the film, and the 46-year-old actor turned wrestler quipped that the character was "playing to his strengths".

He added: "You get to see me lift Dua Lip off a motorcycle which is great!

"I'm kinda like the best friend, jack of all trades, master of none - but in a world within a world within a word.

"And that's what's great about 'Argyle', is you see the trailer is action packed, leaves you wanting more.

"There's so many twists and turns in the actual movie - that we can't talk about - but that's gonna be the great gift to audiences when they go so 'Argylle'.

"It's one of those movies where you'll be on the edge of your seat, because of the world and the action, but you also wanna try and figure it out, which is another added bonus."