Since Toy Story set the precedent for animated movies, many have come, and many have succeeded in providing hours of fun for kids and adults alike. Disney's Wreck It Ralph seems no different, as we check out some reviews.

A video game character, the titular Wreck It Ralph - voiced by John C. Reilly - bemoans his villain status, and longs for the title of hero. It's a simple premise, and it looks like Disney have pulled it off. "The most inventive and entertaining family movie I've seen this year, packed with wickedly smart humor and joyful animation," say Time Magazine, in a wholly positive review. "Wreck-It Ralph is the latest in a rash of recent movies fired up with imaginative risk. Director Moore brings a video junkie's passion to the movie game, and it's hilariously infectious," write Rolling Stone, fully endorsing the animated flick. Film Geek Central were equally doting: "This is, without a doubt, the best animated film so far this year. It's a video game geek's paradise, featuring countless references to games from all eras," said Austin Kennedy in an excellent review. Perhaps MSN Movies say it best, when they say: "Wreck-it Ralph' is a serious contender for the title of best animated film of the year."

Negative thoughts were few and far between, but the main criticism of Wreck It Ralph is that some kids might not be able to connect with the in-jokes, but from what we've read, we think it'll be a hit for all ages. Go see it!