Peace-loving punk icon Joey Ramone once raided a Hare Krishna temple food store after balking at the idea of cleaning the place for nothing.
Before he became a Ramone, the rocker, real name Jeffrey Hyman, took an interest in all things Hare Krishna and seriously considered joining a group of bald-headed friends at a temple in Brooklyn, New York shortly after graduating high school.
According to brother Mickey Leigh's new book I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir, the Sheena is a Punk Rocker hitmaker told his sibling and his parents he was considering moving into the temple with his new pals.
He left home with the intention of shaving his head and living the life of the Hare Krishna devotees - but returned hours later.
Leigh says, "They had told him, 'Cleanliness is next to godliness. To please God, you should clean the Lord's house, and then take the Lord's food."
But Ramone had no intention of tidying up for no pay and, instead, decided to take off with vegetarian delights from the temple.
His brother recalls, "(He said) I did want to please the Lord, so I took his food."
Leigh claims the future Joey Ramone turned up at home with two huge shopping bags filled with food items from the Hare Krishna temple.
He adds, "He had cleaned out the whole temple."