Review of Locked In The Vinyl Cellar Album by Joey Negro

Review of Joey Negro's album 'Locked In The Vinyl Cellar'.

Joey Negro Locked In The Vinyl Cellar Album

Dave Lee aka Joey Negro is a legend re-mixer/producer/DJ and very sought after internationally. He's been in the game from the early 90's making house tunes when most were just learning about turntables. Having worked with a host of stars
such as Mariah Carey, Sugarbabes, Diana Ross, Take That, Lionel Richie to name but a few, Lee's reputation is first class. Lucky for us Joey Negro has gone into the vault of his impressive record collection to dust off a few classics and create a neat compilation with a few tweaking magic bits in the mix for our delight.

Negro is well known as true connoisseur of House, Disco, Funk, Soul and 'Locked In The Cellar' certainly has got all of this. In fact the album grooves all the way along. There's some serious funk disco like 'Slip Your Disc To This' by Heatwave as well as proper classics like 'Warehouse (Days Of Glory)' by New Deep Society and 'Straight From The Heart' by Loose Change. There's even some reggae groove with 'Jungle Jax' by JamNowGen and nice P-funk with Roger Troutman 'Maxx Axe'. My personnel favourite Trentemoller 'Le Champagne' really worked for me as a class deep house track that I hadn't heard before. There's some cabaret with Chicago 'Does Anybody Know What Time It Is' and classic Herbie Hancock 'Twilight Clone' and we can't forget the soul vibe all the way through. There's something for everyone, all styled with a disco groove. Funky!

'Locked In The Cellar' is a cool collection of tracks that explores all sorts of grooves and consciousness related to disco freedom. It has that uplifting vibe of the summer sunshine and quirky classics that only a connoisseur can muster. It also shows a bit of character to put these particular tunes together and for some of the older audiences I'm sure a few memories too.

Tareck Ghoheim

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