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10th October 2014

Quote: "We're real with our fans and we get to be rock stars for them and they get to be 13-year-old girls again." New Kids On The Block star Joey McIntyre on his band's longevity in the music business after 30 years. They received the 2,530th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday (09Oct14).

5th June 2013

Quote: "You just hope he can hang in there and kinda ride the wave and get away; he needs some time away from all the craziness." New Kids on the Block star Joey McIntyre is keeping his fingers crossed for troubled Justin Bieber.

5th June 2013

Quote: "I went in to my room and got undressed to take a shower and went into the bathroom and there were two Korean schoolgirls. It scared the hell out of me. That would be, like, a fantasy for most people until it happens to you... I was 17... I grabbed a towel and ran down the hall." New Kids on the Block star Joey McIntyre on his frightening encounter in a Korean hotel at the height of his international boy band success.

7th November 2012

Quote: "I got to make out with Joey from New Kids on the Block in Wicked. My childhood fantasies came true that day. I had dolls of him at my parents' house that I made him sign. I was like, 'This isn't creepy at all.'" Actress Megan Hilty on kissing her former childhood crush Joey McIntyre onstage in 2004 when they starred in Broadway show Wicked together.

8th August 2012

Tweet: "On plane to Boston- still at gate. Pilot just told us that there is a swarm of bees in the cargo bay & they have to call a bee keeper! Wha?!" New Kids On The Block star Joey McIntyre suffers an unexpected delay on a flight to Boston, Massachusetts.

26th December 2011

Quote: "The holiday theme in a house full of nine kids in Boston was survival of the fittest. It was like a platoon camped out in our living room. But we were lucky to have each other. There were lots of good times, in between all the fights." New Kids On The Block star Joey McIntyre on his family Christmases growing up.

24th December 2011

Fact: New Kids On The Block star Joey McIntyre's new festive solo album, Come Home For Christmas, features a duet with gay Sex & The City star Mario Cantone on the holiday standard Baby, It's Cold Outside.

24th December 2011

Quote: "It's nice if we get a few days of rain. I make believe it's snow and make a fire. I also have my tradition of grilled ham and cheese on challah raisin bread by the fire with a good glass of red wine. Other than that I miss Boston desperately during the holidays." New Kids On The Block star Joey McIntyre on how he gets ready for Christmas in sunny California.

2nd November 2011

Fact: New Kids On The Block star Joey McIntyre once planted a kiss on Hugh Jackman while auditioning to play his character Peter Allen's gay lover in stageshow A Boy From Oz.

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