When 22.02.2013

'Community' star Joel McHale jokes around with the paparazzi as he is stopped while walking in Los Angeles with a friend. He spends most of the video making fun of their outfits and tells them that there are 'real celebrities' around.

When asked to tell them something interesting, he looks at one photographer's T-shirt and replies, 'Well, big fan of Marvin Gaye T-shirts, huge fan of those. In fact, I might have to go pick that one up.' He spots another photographer's hat. 'Do you really need to wear the knit cap, it's 80 degrees out here!' He remarks. The photographer argues that it's 'fashionable' and Joel replies, 'I am all for fashion too but if it gives me prickly heat and sends my temperature to over a hundred, it's going to cause brain damage.' When another paparazzo asks what his worst habit is, he takes the opportunity to poke fun at yet another cameraman. 'Oh, I usually buy baseball hats and leave all the stickers on. that's my worst habit', he jokes, and bids them good luck with finding a 'real celebrity' as he leaves.


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