Cult comedy series Community returns to NBC this week and it's likely the eccentric students and staff of Greendale Community College will be enjoying their final season on screen. Network bosses are refusing to rule out a fifth series just yet, though industry insiders suggest season four will be the final bow.

A new trailer for season four hit the web this week and it certainly appears as though the cast are pulling out all the stops to go out with a bang! In the clip - which spoofs The Hunger Games - a foreboding voiceover announces "Experience the thrills, unravel the mystery, feel the chills, witness the redemption, share the hope, share the nostalgia, taste the tears, travel through time, forget the past, Community returns! Thursday's on NBC. Community! Thursday's 8pm, starting February 7th!" The promo also promises plenty of celebrity cameos, including Giancarlo Esposito returning as Pierce's half-brother, and a revisiting of much of last season's side-plots and incidents. 

You may remember Community season three ending with a comparatively low-key episode, since it wasn't clear whether or not the show would get picked up for a fourth season. Assuming this is the season batch of episodes, Community looks to be going out on a high!