Valentines Day 2014: will you be heading to catch one of the cleverly-marketed lovers' day releases this year? Well there's plenty of them to choose from: Endless Love, Winter's Tale, and About Last Night are the most obvious traps for loved-up couples with Spike Jonze's Her for those who think they're more sophisticated than all that.

There Are Other Movies At The Cinema, But Seeing 'Robocop' Would Make A Lot Of Sense.

But what's really romantic about being crammed into a hot cinema on one of the busiest days of the year, next to a coke-slurping, sobbing single on your right and a face-slurping couple on your left? Nothing, that's what, and that why Robocop will zoom to your aid tonight to ensure that another Valentine's Day outing into the popular mating ground known as the cinema isn't destroyed.

For a start, the film has been out for a week so the excitably drooling nerds will have already had their fill of Jose Padilha's remake of the iconic 1987 sci-fi action. That's far from the only reason why Robocop will be your saviour though.

Watch The 'Robocop' Trailer:

The cast is one of the more obvious draws to the movie, with Joel Kinnaman ('The Killing') taking on the titular role of police officer Alex Murphy whose life is saved when he is given the powerful Robocop suit after a car bomb accident. Kinnaman is joined by Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Michael K. Williams and Jennifer Ehle, who collectively give the movie a good, strong foundation of talent.

Her Joaquin Phoenix
'Robocop' Offers A Break From The More Sentimental Valentine's Day Movies, Such As 'Her.'

As for the reviews, let's just say Robocop isn't going to be the next 12 Years A Slave in terms of critics hollering from the rooftops in praise and of course, any reboot will forever live under the shadow of its predecessor, particularly if the original was 1987's Robocop. Some reviewers have grumbled that the sharp satire, extreme violence, and dark humour has been dulled for the remake but the film has been praised for bringing the eighties concept to the modern day to address contemporary issues.

Robocop Joel Kinnaman
"Shot Through The Heart, And Joel's To Blame..."

Action-fans who are heading to the movies as a couple and are worried the sci-fi might be a little too emotionally sterile even for them, fear not. The Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips even griped that the movie is too emotional for his liking, saying "This is at heart a pretty sad movie. Verhoeven wouldn't be caught dead making you care about anything in his "RoboCop"; Padilha is after something different."

Nevertheless, it sounds pretty enticing to us: a stellar cast, rip-roaring action, a futuristic suit with Joel Kinnaman inside and just enough emotion to justify going to see it on Valentine's Day. So it's decided then.