Joel Kinnaman will star as Alex Murphy/RoboCop in the upcoming reboot of cult 80's action movie RoboCop. This, like sop many other recent reboots, was a film that few people wanted or expected to be any good, however if the first official trailer for the film is anything to go by, then the naysayers may be proved wrong after all because from the look of the 2 and a half minute clip, the film doesn't look half bad.

Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman stars as Alex Murphy/RoboCop

With established stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman featuring in the film, there is a presence of experience that is comforting to see for fans of the original film, and the action sequences that are teased look pretty decent too. On top of this, the glimpses of the storyline make it look as though the writers have given their own take on the original source material, rather than just rip off the 1987 classic.

Set in the not too distant 2028, the movie begins as the USA begin to 'upgrade' their policing and justice system with a help of a newly developed crime fighting cyborg. Like the original film, the ruins of the once industrious Detroit serve as the setting for the film, and a severely damaged Alex Murphy is dragged away from his conventional family live following an attempt on his life. But rather than get killed by gangster Clarence Boddicker, Murphy is blow to pieces by a car bomb before becoming RoboCop. Also unlike the original, there looks to be a significant presence from his wife (played by Abbie Cornish) and son following his accident; which will no doubt go some way towards explaining the conflict between the human elements of his brain and the robotic elements of his body. OmniCorp are still the baddies too.

RoboCop will be arriving in cinemas theatres on 7 February 2014.

Abbie Cornish
Abbie Cornish plays Cara Murphy, Alex's wife, in the film