Joel Kinnaman had trouble peeing in his 'RoboCop' suit.

The Swedish actor had 45lb of armour applied to turn him into the cyborg policeman every day of filming on the new movie - a process which took an hour and 45 minutes - and he needed help taking certain bits off every time he had a toilet break.

He told E! News: ''There was a procedure. It took a while, but you get through it. They didn't have to take me [to the bathroom] but they had to remove certain parts, the essentials.''

bathroom difficulties aside, Joel admits wearing the heavy armour plating made him look cool.

He added: ''It made me feel badass. But it also made me feel some of the vulnerability that the character was going through and that was an interesting contrast of emotion, being amputated from the throat down but at the same time having this almost invincible incredible new body. The suit helped me understand some of those thoughts.''

Joel, 34, also said playing RoboCop fulfils one of his boyhood dreams, as he was a huge fan of the 1987 original, directed by Paul Verhoeven.

He said: ''[It came out] sometime when I as nine or 10 years old. I've seen it like 20 or 25 times. I know it by heart. I loved it and still love it.''