Joe McElderry once almost wet himself at a Beyonce Knowles concert.

The 19-year-old singer was once so excited to see his idol in the flesh he refused to go to the toilet and spent almost the entire show desperate to relieve himself because he didn't want to miss any of her songs.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I went to see her. And I was desperate for the toilet and I would not leave in case I missed a tiny bit. My cousin was like, 'Just go to the toilet,' I just kept saying, 'No! I'm not going!' "

Joe - who shot to fame after winning UK TV talent show 'The X Factor' last year - would love to work with the 'Single Ladies' singer in the future, if the opportunity ever arises, because he thinks she is so incredible.

He said: "Beyonce is the top one. She's amazing. She acts the songs. And she has got the right balance between it all and she just connects with the cameras. She outdoes her dancers. Her dancers are flagging and she is still going! That takes a lot."

As well as Beyonce, Joe has a huge list of people he wants to collaborate with, including his former 'X Factor' mentor Cheryl Cole.

He added: "I think it might be interesting if I could a duet with someone who wasn't the same kind of style as me. Someone like Ne-Yo. Create a quirky sound! Or Rihanna.

"Cheryl - she is an amazing performer and singer and she's fantastic so I'd be honoured to work with her! But it depends, I suppose. You never know what's going to happen."