The former True Blood star was keen to make the perfect proposal to the Modern Family actress in December (14), and started planning for it while shooting the film.

He says, "I knew then that I was going to ask, so all of the guys were kind of giving me their ideas on how to do it. Like Kevin (Nash) gave me the recommendation of who to go to for the ring, so I started figuring it all out there while we were shooting."

Despite all his planning, Manganiello was still nervous about the proposal, especially since he chose to give his Spanish a spin as he asked Vergara to be his wife.

He continues, "I wasn't nervous that she was going to say no, I was pretty confident in that, but you only get one chance to do it and if you're gonna do it, you gotta do it right.

"There's a lot of planning that goes into it and yeah actually, I proposed in Spanish. So I had a big speech in Spanish. That's what I was nervous about, because the last thing you wanna do is mess up the Spanish on the proposal to the Colombian woman."