Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson has suffered a stroke, CNN report today (November 30, 2012). The 83 year-old patriarch of the Jackson dynasty suffered a mild stroke and was taken to hospital. He is said to be in “very good spirits” and is expected to be discharged from hospital.

This isn’t the first time that Joe has suffered a stroke, he has had two others in the last five years, a source close to the family told CNN. Jackson is credited with creating the pop band The Jackson 5, that made his children famous. Of those children, Michael Jackson was unarguably the most successful, though his life and career did not come without its troubles. Michael passed away in 2010 and the Jackson family have rarely been out of the press headlines since.

Joe, himself, made waves just a few weeks ago, when he decided to reveal the gun that he had on his person. He might be licensed to carry the weapon but it still raised a few eyebrows when he unveiled it at an event in Las Vegas. Jackson’s public image has never really been a rosy one, he’s been accused of exerting his tyrannical abuse over his children to further their careers (and, by proxy, his own). Though he Katherine Jackson are still married, they no longer live together; Jackson – despite his age – still remains an active businessman.