Joe Cocker, the 'Up Where We Belong' singer, was left "physically damaged" by years of drug and alcohol addiction, hampering his performances in the 1970s. He has stated that around a third of all the gigs he played in that era were unsatisfactory, as his ability to perform was damaged by the substance abuse. 

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Cocker revealed that: "I was living on a liquid diet. I would start drinking at 11 in the morning and be pretty wasted by the evening. People have said that I played some amazing gigs in the Seventies, but in all honesty, I probably played one good show in three. I used to get so carried away while I was on stage that I'd be physically damaged by the end of a concert. I had a problem with cocaine and then with heroin. I wasn't injecting heroin, I was only sniffing it. But I was still amazed at how quickly you could become addicted. As soon as I realised what was going on, I was able to move on. But it took its toll. I came close to the edge."