There's no denying just how successful and popular Charlie Brooker's series 'Black Mirror' has become. First starting out as a show on Channel 4 in the UK, word of mouth meant that the episodes would start gaining traction across the globe, and following its second season run, Netflix swooped in and picked up the rights to broadcast the show from season 3 and beyond.

Jodie Foster directs 'Black Mirror' season 4 episode 'Arkangel'Jodie Foster directs 'Black Mirror' season 4 episode 'Arkangel'

Now, with what looks like a bigger budget and the ability to bring some huge Hollywood names into proceedings, 'Black Mirror' has never looked better. Season 3 impressed the huge majority of critics and it would seem season 4 is heading in the same direction. One of the season's episodes, titled 'Arkangel', will be directed by the brilliant Jodie Foster, with the tagline, "The key to good parenting is control".

This weekend, a trailer for the episode has been revealed, which you can check out below:

In the teaser, we see a mother and her daughter enjoying the usual relationship shared by a parent and their offspring, but when the daughter goes missing, a decision is made to implant something into her head, which we imagine will see her parents assert complete control over their child.

Scenes layer upon one another in the trailer to show just how much of a changed child the daughter is following the implant (or perhaps even before it, following the disappearance), and it instantly becomes clear that this could be one of the darkest episodes of 'Black Mirror' to-date.

It's good to see that the world of technology is still one that will weigh heavily on the narrative in the series, as that's part of the reason the show is so successful. Whilst each of the unique episodes portrays a world far away from anything we've ever personally experienced, there are hints to truths that go on in the real world, allowing relatability for the viewer and a look at how the landscape could actually change in the future. Nothing in 'Black Mirror' is completely unbelievable, and that's what makes it so terrifying, yet compelling.

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We'll bring you more news on the fourth season of 'Black Mirror' as and when we get it.