Jodie Comer did her own hair and make-up for 'Talking Heads'.

The 27-year-old actress plays Lesley in 'Her Big Chance' as part of the new BBC show based on Alan Bennett's monologues from the '80s and '90s and, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jodie was forced to be her own glam squad.

She told ''It was fun actually. We tried to make sure it had the '80s feel while being a little more stripped back. I was a bit worried, as sometimes when you're getting your last hair and make-up checks on set, that's your little quiet minute to get in the zone. So I was worried that doing it myself, being self-conscious in that way - making sure I looked okay - would be a bit distracting for getting into character. But I made it all part of Lesley. We did a smoky eye.''

Jodie recently received her third BAFTA nomination for 'Killing Eve' and joked about what she will wear to the socially-distanced ceremony.

She said: ''I guess [it will be] on a Zoom! And what's the dress code?

''It might be quite nice. I might just do a flashy top and wear my pyjamas on the bottom. That way I can say I wore my pyjamas to the BAFTAs.''