Jodie Comer prefers to use "natural remedies" on her acne-prone skin.

The 'Killing Eve' star - who is a global brand ambassador for disruptive beauty brand, Noble Panacea - has revealed she "steers towards" products such as rose water and tea tree to treat her skin when she's having a hormonal breakout.

She told Forbes: “My skin is prone to breakouts when filming or if I’m stressed out or hormonal. I love to steer towards more natural remedies to alleviate any redness. Rose water is very calming for skin. "

The 27-year-old actress also swears by Noble Panacea's The Brilliant Overnight Recharge Cream.

She continued: “My all time favourite product is The Brilliant Overnight Recharge Cream. I feel like this provides so much food for my skin while I sleep. The morning after using this product, my skin always feels firm and nourished.”

One of the main reasons the Emmy-winner agreed to become a spokesperson for Noble Panacea is because of their commitment to sustainability.

She explained: “Sustainability is also something that has become increasingly important within my life and that shouldn’t stop at beauty. I was so impressed by Noble Panacea’s commitment towards using natural ingredients and packaging the products in travel friendly daily doses. This packaging is recyclable and encourages less waste.”

And the British star went as far as to hail the brand for "making way for a new age of beauty” built on “authenticity”.

She added: “This brand represents authenticity to me. All of their claims are backed by years of research and a wide depth of knowledge. I feel like they are making way for a new age of beauty. They represent and champion that beauty is not just about aesthetics and I think that is an important message to carry.”