Jodie Comer gets ''so self-conscious'' when she's told she has to be ''sexy or attractive onscreen''.

The 'Killing Eve' star insists she is most confident on film or television sets when she has ''no makeup on'' and ''bruises''.

She said: ''It's like the moment you have to be sexy or attractive onscreen, I become so self-conscious. Whereas if I've got no makeup on and I've got a bruise on my face, I'm like, 'Let's go.' You know? But that's just me.''

Jodie has sported a number of different outfits and looks as the evil assassin Villanelle but her favourite was when she donned a wig to play a school teacher in season two as she had always dreamed of having red or auburn hair herself.

She added to Allure magazine: ''I've always wanted to have red or auburn hair, and we had that kind of wig in season two when I was playing this schoolteacher. I was obsessed with that look ... We always had this thing of like, she doesn't have time to sit and do her makeup. I think she's busy, and she has her priorities in different places.''

Meanwhile, Jodie previously revealed she has seen a ''shift'' in her levels of fame since starring in the BBC drama.

She said: ''Do you know what? It's not a drastic change, but there's definitely been a shift. [I had a] really weird experience [recently]. I got to the airport, it must have been half two, and there were ... men waiting for me to sign things. They'd been following us around doing press during the week. Whoa. When does it become normal for strange men to be waiting for you at the airport?''

And asked whether she's had any extreme reactions from fans since beginning the role, she said: ''It's been a good year! A lot of people just look at me in a 'Is it her?' sort of way. But recently I had a really strange one - a woman asked for a photograph with me and then she whispered in my ear, 'Will you strangle me?' I said, 'No!'''