Jodie Comer considered dropping her Liverpudlian accent when she first found fame.

The 'Killing Eve' star admits she wanted to drop her accent when she was first going into acting, but fellow actor Stephen Graham - who also hails from Liverpool - told her she must keep it.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine, she said: ''When I was much younger, when I was with another agency and really young, I don't know where I got it from, but I thought, 'I have to lose my accent.' And I remember working with Stephen Graham and he was great. He was like, 'Don't you dare lose your accent!' And I didn't. Maybe it's just this idea of being working class from the North West, you don't hear those voices all the time on television.''

Meanwhile, Jodie previously insisted she won't be moving to America because of the ''lack of pubs''.

She said: ''[Phoebe Waller-Bridge and I] have both said we're not sure we could ever live in LA because of the lack of pubs here ... I'm a Liverpool girl through and through.''

But the blonde beauty is thankful she often has the 'Fleabag' star - who writes 'Killing Eve' - with her when she's in La La Land because she finds her ''amazing friend'' a ''comforting'' presence.

She added: ''Phoebe's an amazing friend. I love that we can share these experiences together - especially being out here in LA, as the two new kids on the block.

''I love LA but it's sprawling and can often be overwhelming so it's comforting having Phoebe here and being in the same boat.''