The New York Film Festival screened for the first time, Spike Jonze's new science fictional romantic drama called 'Her' on Saturday (Oct 12th). The film is set in the not-so-distant and it attempts to depict how humans become too reliant on technological devices. Though the film carries a sci-fi label, it is an insightful story of romance and human emotion.

joaquin pheonix
Pheonix stars in the leaidng man role as 'Theodore Twombly' 

The leading man in 'Her' is 38 year-old Joaquin Phoenix as he plays 'Theodore Twombly'. A complex and passionate man, whose career consists of writing touching, heartfelt letters for other people. Phoenix is tasked with connecting love and technology to a human emotional level, after his character download's a new "operating system" named Samantha who has the power to evolve.

joaquin pheonix rooney mara
Rooney Mara plays 'Theodore's' wife, 'Catherine'

'Twombly' is recently left heartbroken after he separates from his wife, Catherine (Rooney Mara). Now feeling lonely he decides to purchase the new virtual companion called 'Samantha' (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). 'Twombly' may be in rebound mode but he decides to pour his broken heart out to his new, understanding and insightful friend.

Watch the 'Her' trailer here

Samantha has the ability to absorb new ideas, information about the world, sensation and becomes more attentive as the film proceeds. The plot line then follows their journey from starting out as friends until they become romantic, although the love-tale is between a human and technology, it manages to meet a sincere middle ground.

amy adams
Amy Adams plays 'Theodore's neighbour and friend, 'Amy'

According to the Los Angeles Times, Amy Adams, who plays 'Theodore's' neighbour and friend, told reporters today "The great thing about this film [is that] everybody finds a piece of their issues in it," and Pheonix, who shows his ability to act on camera without the presence of a physical co-star, said "I'd like to say I trained really hard, but as an actor I'm used to walking around the house talking to myself."

joaquin pheonix
Pheonix displayed great acting ability to work without the presence of a co-star

The Oscar nominated actor also told reporters he captured the loneliness of the character because "Spike just broke [him]", he jokingly said. "Going into the movie, all I was concerned about was trying to feel natural in something that wasn't there."

'Her' will hit theatres on December 18th 2013.

'Her' made its world premiere at the New York Fim Festival