Joaquin Phoenix is an admirer of this year's 'Golden Globes' co-host Amy Poehler! This revelation came when the 40-year-old actor was speaking of his disinterest in award shows, even though he earned a Golden Globe nomination for his role in 'Inherent Vice.'

Joaquin Phoenix
Phoenix has a crush on this year's Golden Globe co-host Poehler

During an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Thursday evening (Jan 8th), Phoenix was discussing his possible award winning performance in the comedy-drama when he quickly changed topic and admitted to having a crush on the 'Parks and Recreation' star.

"You know who I do find attractive is that Amy Poehler," Phoenix said mid-conversation.

"You do?" the host Jimmy Kimmel asked. "Yeah, I think she's very attractive," Phoenix replied.

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"You're answering questions I didn't even ask," Kimmel said while laughing.

"Well, I guess just because she's hosting the Globes and she's having a party and I'm going to go, and I'm a little nervous about seeing her. I don't really know what to say," the 'Her' actor continued.

Unfortunately Kimmel had to stop any hopes Phoenix had of a possible romance with Poehler by bringing up her current boyfriend, funnyman Nick Kroll.

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"So you're saying they have a solid relationship?" Phoenix asked. "They've been going out for a while, I think about a year now. If you want to break it up though, I'm sure Nick would be happy to step aside," Kimmel quipped.

Despite not being a fan of awards shows, Phoenix is also aware of the impact winning a major movie award can have. "It makes a huge difference in one's career, absolutely," he said.