Joanna Lumley believes she's already had coronavirus.

The 73-year-old actress revealed she has had a number of symptoms associated with the respiratory illness, and admitted she's ''lucky'' to be wealthy during the pandemic.

Speaking to Woman & Home magazine, she said: ''I'm lucky that we're rich. We live in a lovely house, we've got food, I've got a garden.

''I'm thinking of people who live on the 14th floor with three children. What are they going to do? It's extraordinarily difficult.

''I think I may have had the coronavirus. I felt rather lousy for quite a long time. And when you look at the symptoms, you think, 'Oh, yep, I've had that - and that.'''

Joanna - who has been married to opera conductor Stephen Barlow since 1986 - acknowledged there are so many people around who are in a vulnerable position amid the health crisis.

She reflected: ''People all over the place are affected by it. You can go mad trying to think of all the people you ought to be helping.

''Barlow and I had planned to go to our remote cottage in Scotland, but then lockdown happened.

''Turning around and driving all the way back again would have depressed the hell out of me.''

The 'Finding Alice' star also suggested we could be on the verge of a ''new world order''.

She explained: ''I think we're going to see a new world order. Suddenly, we're thinking of others who don't earn much.

''We are acknowledging that there are people who go out to work, pay their child minder a great amount of their salary and are trapped in an impossible way of living.

''I think there will be a great reckoning about how we rebuild.''