Veteran actress Joanna Lumley is aiming to reduce the U.K.'s reliance on landfill sites and do her bit for charity at the same time by backing a clothing campaign.
The Absolutely Fabulous star is urging fans to support the cause by donating their old or unwanted garments to British store chain Marks & Spencer.
Staff at the company will then either reuse the items or hand them to stores owned by the Oxfam charity, in a scheme designed to raise money and simultaneously slash the level of landfill use.
Lumley tells U.K. morning show Daybreak, "I think it's fantastic because I have to say I was completely shattered when I heard that 70 per cent of our clothes go to landfill. It's complete madness... So M&S have brightly, and brilliantly, thought up this idea of having a box in the store, and anything you put in there will go to Oxfam. It's called 'shwapping'."