Dame Joanna Lumley is “thrilled” Queen Camilla is no longer called Queen Consort.

The 76-year-old royal’s title was changed after she and husband King Charles were formally crowned in May, and the ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ star believes her friend is a “tremendous asset" and “wonderful figurehead” for the country.

She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “I think she’s going to be a completely wonderful Queen. I’m thrilled that she’s called Queen Camilla, rather than Queen Consort, because that is her name.

“And I think Queen Camilla is a tremendous asset, a wonderful figurehead and a tremendous name to add to our great royal heritage. She has been constant and true and loyal, and silent when silence is necessary.

“And she’s won the hearts of people, from having been put in the invidious position of always being measured against somebody else.”

Joanna praised Camilla for always being a “good sport and good fun” on official engagements.

She said: “One of the things I love most of all is her enthusiasm. She’s always wholehearted in the things she supports and loves.

“People who know her know that she’s charming, funny, self-effacing and not grand. She’s a good sport and good fun and makes everyone feel at ease.”

And the veteran actress insisted criticism of Charles and Camilla taking the throne in their 70s is unfounded.

She argued: “The fact that she and the King have come so late to the throne is no bad thing, because they know the world, they know life, they know people.

“They’ve had time to develop their own interests and passions and they do all they can to make things better. And I think that’s a commendable quality.”