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Joanna Krupa Sues Strip Club Over Advertising

The former reality TV star claims bosses of Diamond Dolls in Pompano Beach used one of her topless pictures on a promotional drinks poster, which they uploaded onto their page back in...

Joanna Krupa Baptised In Israel

The former The Real Housewives of Miami beauty travelled to the Holy Land last week (ends07Aug15) and was part of a religious ceremony in the Jordan River, where Jesus Christ himself is said...

Joanna Krupa Wears Only Body Paint In Peta’S Boycott Seaworld Campaign

Joanna Krupa is using her celebrity powers for a good cause: raising awareness for PETA, specifically for the captive animals kept at SeaWorld. The former Playboy model and the former star of The Real Housewives...

Joanna Krupa Considering Freezing Her Eggs

Model-turned-reality Tv star Joanna Krupa is considering freezing her eggs to make sure she can become a mother one day.The 34-year-old The Real Housewives of Miami star is committed to starting a family with her...

Joanna Krupa Used Laxatives To Lose Weight

Model-turned-U.S. reality Tv star Joanna Krupa struggled with weightloss at the beginning of her fashion career and turned to laxatives to help her shed the pounds.The 34-year-old Real Housewives of Miami star feared not maintaining...

"I'd Rather Go Naked..." Wendy Williams Does Just That, For Anti-fur Campaign

Wendy Williams' anti-fur campaign for PETAThe US TV, according to star Wendy Williams has become the last celebrity to support PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) by stripping off for an ad campaign....

Krupa Attacks Kardashian Sisters Over Fur Sale

Model Joanna Krupa has waded into the Kim Kardashian fur fuss, insisting she has proof the socialite's clothing store sells pelts.Kardashian was pelted with flour at a charity event in Hollywood last week (22Mar12) over...

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