Plastic surgery can be a bit of a dodgy subject in the celebrity world. Some like to indulge in staving off the steady effects of time. Others think that it is probably best to avoid having surgeons remodelling their face. Others still, have been so well acquainted with the idea of face-lifts, they feel the need to comment on the work done on colleagues, as is the case here, with long-time plastic surgery aficionado Joan Rivers has spoken out against Robert Redford's recent facial work.  

Joan Rivers has been a plastic surgery enthusiast for years.
Joan Rivers has been a plastic surgery enthusiast for years.

Comedienne Joan Rivers has seen Redford as a victim of a specifically bad face-lift, saying that the "obvious" cosmetic work done on the 'Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid' actor was of no benefit. The 72-year-old comedienne spoke to The Scoop, explaining her thoughts on the surgery, saying: "Robert Redford had such a bad job. God, whoever did him should be ashamed - or maybe he left it too long so it's much more obvious."

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However, Redford has gone ahead and chosen to keep quiet about whether or not any facial alteration has taken place. He furthermore chose to respond by saying: "I'm not going to dignify that with a comment." It remains to be seen if Rivers was correct in her predictions or not.

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