Joan Rivers has slammed Lena Dunham for being overweight in a new interview on The Howard Stern Show. The 80 year-old television personality heavily criticised the Girls writer and actress' stance on body image, namely that she doesn't feel the need to conform to the more Hollywood ideals of female body shape. Comedian Rivers is known for her tendency for incendiary comments but in her radio interview with Stern she drove home her distaste for Dunham's image despite the host's attempt to defend the 27 year-old star.

Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers Branded Lena Dunham "Fat" & Accused Her Of Promoting Obesity.

"Let me ask you something. Lena Dunham, who again I think is terrific, how could she wear dresses above the knee?" Rivers asked on Tuesday. "I think the thing we love about her is that she doesn't give a s**t," Stern replied, referring to Dunham's body positive philosophy. "Oh, every woman gives a s**t," Rivers retorted, adding "That's wrong. You are sending a message out saying 'It's okay. Stay fat. Get diabetes. Everybody die. Lose your fingers.'" Stern argued back: "I don't think she's sending a message to anyone other than 'I want to make you laugh.'"

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"I love that she's funny and love that she's done well [...] But don't let them laugh at you physically," Rivers continued. "If you look the way you look Lena, and that's fine and you're funny, don't say it's okay that other girls can look like this. Try to look better." When Stern tried to argue Lena's corner again, Rivers brought Stern's model wife, Beth Ostrosky, into the debate. "You didn't pick Lena Dunham to marry," she said.

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Lena Dunham Has Always Approached Her Body Image With Positivity.

Rivers also pointed to Dunham's slightly Photoshopped appearance on the cover of Vogue as "hypocrisy," adding "I didn't know it was her." When the hosts laughed at her for being "on fire" on the subject of Dunham, Joan said "I'm on fire over hypocrisy."

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Dunham Has Been Celebrated For Not Conforming To Certain Celebrity Ideals.

Naturally Lena's fans have leapt to the actress' defence on Twitter, shaming Joan Rivers for her remarks but a worrying number of listeners found Rivers' monologue amusing or even truthful. Dunham has always stood by her "zen body philosophy" against a strong media spotlight focussed upon how the Girls star looks. As Stern pointed out, as an actress and writer whose main entertainment goal is to make people laugh, should Lena feel pressured to look a certain way?

Lena Dunham has not publically responded to Joan Rivers' comments.

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