Joan Rivers got possibly one of the best send offs ever. The late comedienne's funeral, which took place Sunday (Sept 7th), was filled with fellow celebrities and A-listers alike, but before saying their final goodbyes, Rivers was serenaded one last time.

Joan Rivers
Rivers' funeral took place on Sunday, September 7th

Hugh Jackman was one of the famous faces that attended Sunday's service, but he also had the very important duty of singing for Rivers and the guests, which he said was "amazing" when recalling the event on 'The Tonight Show' Wednesday night (Sept 10th).

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"It was amazing," he told host Jimmy Fallon of the star-studded service. "I must admit: I've been to several funerals, and I've always kind of felt for the person who has to sing. I've always said, 'Oh, how do you do that?'"

Jackman also revealed that the idea of him performing at the funeral was Rivers,' which she wanted after seeing him in Broadway's 'The Boy from Oz' nearly 10 years ago.

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"At her funeral, when Joan Rivers asks you [to perform], just answer," he explained. "She had planned everything out. She had seen me in a show called The Boy from Oz, which I did here on Broadway. And I sang a song from that. It was called 'Quiet Please, There's A Lady On Stage.' It's a beautiful celebration of a woman, and it was for her."

Hugh Jackman
Jackman sang a song from Broadway's 'The Boy from Oz'

"The entire audience in the synagogue got up and started clapping and cheering," The 'Wolverine' actor said of his performance, which took place at Temple Emanu-El, a Reform Jewish synagogue in New York City. "The whole thing was very uplifting, very touching and moving, but funny."

On August 28th, Joan was hospitalized for going into cardiac and respiratory arrest after stopping breathing during a minor throat procedure. Nearly a week after being placed into a medically induced coma, her grieving family decided to take her off a life support machine on September 4th, she passed away shortly after, aged 81.