New drama surrounds the tragedy of comedienne Joan Rivers death last week (September 4, 2014) as it is revealed that the ENT specialist who overlooked her throat procedure was not even approved to practise at the New York clinic.

Joan Rivers on Miami Beach
New investigations into Joan Rivers' death procede

The gastroenterologist who performed an endoscopy on Joan Rivers at his private clinic in Manhattan allegedly brought in an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to examine her larynx both before and after the routine operation.

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According to a group of people who were briefed following the incident but, though the New York State Health Department are currently looking into the situation, neither party are being held legally responsible for any wrongdoing. Rivers fell into cardiac arrest as doctors were finishing the procedure, which later led to her death. 'In the final phase, they noticed her oxygen dropping quickly', one of the people present at the time told New York Times. 'They tried to stabilize her'.

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This news comes after the clinic recently denied reports that a surprise biopsy was performed on Rivers' throat, which may have ultimately caused her cardiac arrest. The star originally took to the clinic with concern over increased hoarseness in her voice, though no reason behind the problem was found.

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