Animal-loving Joan Jett has challenged Noel Gallagher to a fight after the former Oasis star boasted about his love of "throwing stuff" at cows in a recent interview.
The Brit recently joked about taking his sons to Ireland, where he spent his holidays as a kid, and showing them how he entertained himself at his grandmother's home in Mayo.
He said, "We'd run around throwing stuff at cows... I'm looking forward to bringing my sons over so they can throw stuff at cows as well."
Gallagher's cow cruelty comments have already enraged officials at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who insist his idea of fun with his kids suggests he needs a few "empathy" tips - and now Jett is taking aim at the singer/songwriter.
She tells WENN, "This guy is a putz (idiot)! I am embarrassed he is Irish and from (the) same county as my grandparents on my father's side.
"Maybe if this bully wants to throw things, he should try throwing something at somebody who can fight back, like me."