Folk veteran Joan Baez has paid tribute to late Apple boss Steve Jobs, revealing he kept her supplied with free laptops and iPhones right up to his death.
The computer genius passed away in October (11) after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, and Baez - a close friend of Jobs since the 1970s - reportedly performed a song at his memorial service.
Now she's spoken out to tell of her admiration for Jobs and reveal he regularly gifted her the latest Apple technology.
Baez tells Uncut magazine, "We met in Palo Alto (California)... and we were close in the late '70s and early '80s. After that we always kept in touch, we'd call or email. I'd always snag a new laptop out of him!
"He came by recently, and he was clearly close to the end, and we just sat out on the porch and looked out to the mountains. And then he emailed and said he'll be up in a month. I wrote back and said, 'Great, can I start nagging you about an iPhone?' Ha ha.
"He died a few months after that. Two days after his memorial, someone at Apple sent me an iPhone, which was very moving. Steve had a very sweet side, even if he was as... err... erratic as he was famous for being. But he gets genius licence for that, because he was somebody who changed the world."