Creator of one of the biggest literary and cinematic franchises of all time, JK Rowling, has recently revealed she has written a literary profile of Celestina Warbeck, a somewhat minor character who made several appearances in the Harry Potter books and ensuing films. It may strike many as particularly strange that Rowling should choose such an ancillary character upon which to divulge an in-depth life story. However, with the franchise still commanding vast legions of fans ready to lap up any fresh Potter material, such a query looks set to be made redundant rather quickly. The demand for greater insight into the fantastical world of witches, wizards, Weasley’s and Wormtail’s continues to expand like an Engorgio charm. But just who is this character? And more importantly, why has Rowling chose to compile a book on her exploits?

JK Rowling

Despite new Potter material, there's no reason to expect any significant continuation of the beloved series of books and films.

Most fans will remember Celestina Warbeck as the half-blood singer who performs the song “A Cauldron Full Of Hot Strong Love” from the sixth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. But it seems that Rowling has quite an attachment to a character that many casual fans of the books will struggle to recall or attach any great significance to in the context of the Harry Potter storyline. In a vocal justification of her new venture, Rowling explained her decision: "Celestina is one of my favourite 'off-stage' characters in the whole series, and has been part of the Potter world ever since its inception. I always imagined her to resemble Shirley Bassey in both looks and style."

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In further similarities to the life of the Welsh singer, whose booming pipes provided the soundtrack to several Bond films, Celestina is born to at least one Welsh parent and likes to reside in luxury and glamour, with Celestina owning eight residences, according to Rowling. Ardent fans who had signed up to Rowling’s Daily Prophet series of fictional newsletters will have already inherited knowledge of the singer, who was the focus of several stories in the short-lived series created in junction with Rowling’s publisher, Bloomsbury. It is also known that Celestina appears with a backing chorus of banshees, who despite their wails, struggle to match Celestina for an authoritative voice. Her live shows are well known to be particularly spectacular affairs, her voice commanding the crowd with its astounding power and dynamism. Like Bassey herself, Celestina’s personal life fuels much of The Daily Prophet’s gossip columns and the press remain voracious in their desire to peer into the magical diva’s private affairs.

Shirley Bassey Attends The Oscars

Warbeck is said to be based on Shirley Bassey.

After a break from Potter business, many fans are sure to speculate that the millionaire’s renewed interest hints at a further addition to the Potter series but according to a spokesperson, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up as to the arrival of a sequel or prequel anytime in the near future.

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