J.K. Rowling has been using her writing skills to play around with rap lyrics and shut down Twitter trolls, in what may be her best social media put-down yet.

On Wednesday (February 17th), the Harry Potter author fired back at Scottish writer Kevin Williamson, who had written to Scottish MP Natalie McGarry encouraging her not to apologise for remarks she had made about Rowling.

The incident dates back to January 28th, when Rowling was accused by McGarry of defending and sympathising with “misogynist trolls” after the author had thanked the charitable fundraising efforts of somebody who had been reprimanded for making sexist comments in the past.

JK RowlingJ.K Rowling has been busy shutting down Twitter trolls by channelling her inner rapper

McGarry had apologised at the time, but had done so again in a more formal manner on Wednesday by posting a screenshot of the remark in question. At this point, Williamson jumped in and said that McGarry shouldn’t withdraw her comments and claimed that Rowling uses “obscene wealth and lawyer droids to threaten and bully” and that she should “tell the radge to bolt”.

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Stirred into action, Rowling referred to the 2005 hit single by Chamillionaire ‘Ridin’’, and wrote in response to Williamson “They see me Rowlin' / They hatin'”. All in front of 6 million followers. Claim the internet and head home, J.K., for you have won today!

At the moment of writing, the tweet has been re-posted more than 23,000 times and liked over 41,000 times, including by the American rapper himself. “I was gonna remix your tweet to “We see them trollin” but you already took the Grammy. Touche,” Chamillionaire wrote some hours later.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is how to deal with social media trolls: channel your inner rapper and make a clever pun.

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