With just days to go before the first previews of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child begin, Jk Rowling has been speaking about what fans can expect from the much anticipated play. While the author still isn't giving much away about the plot, Rowling has described the production as ‘unlike anything people have seen before’.

JK RowlingJK Rowling has been speaking about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Speaking to The Observer Rowling said: “I think that, as a theatrical experience, as a play, it will be unlike anything people have seen before. And once people have had this theatrical experience, they will understand why this was the perfect medium for the story.”

As to why she chose to continue Harry’s story as a play, rather than another book or a movie, Rowling explained: “Theatre I love. I find it a seductive world – there is nothing like seeing an actor perform live. But I had never had anyone approach me or propose anything that excited me like this.”

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“You can probably imagine I have been asked to do something else with Harry Potter five times a week ever since the series ended. Sonia (Friedman, the producer) just wanted to explore a theatrical production and I knew her by reputation obviously and thought I would really like to meet her and hear what she had to say.”

“That’s the reason this happened because I thought I will never have the opportunity to work with such great people again,” she added. All we really know about the play’s plot is that it picks up with Harry who is described as now ‘an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.’

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But its central character is his youngest son Albus, who ‘must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted.’ “The epilogue of the seventh book is a very clear pointer as to where I was interested in going,” Rowling explained.

“It’s very obvious from that epilogue that the character I was most interested in was Albus Severus Potter. And you see Scorpius (Draco Malfoy's son) on that platform.” Harry Potter and the Cursed Child begins previews at the Palace Theatre in London this Tuesday (June 7th).