Harry Potter author Jk Rowling’s earnings from her hit franchise are said to have already reached £7.5billion, despite it being 10 years since the release of the saga’s final book. According to The Sun, Rowling’s post-Potter earnings have not only already hit £7.5billion, but are predicted to top £17 billion in the years ahead.

JK RowlingJK Rowling is still raking in the cash from Harry Potter.

Rowling’s earnings have continued to rise thanks to three new franchise films, which will be out in the coming years, two stage plays and her website Pottermore. The author is also said to receive £1 for every one of the millions of books sold worldwide.

Since 2008 The Sun reports Rowling has sold has sold £141million of print books in the UK and US alone. In the past three years her website Pottermore has also raised at least £70million through the sales of e-books.

The exact amount Rowling receives from her Warner Bros deal, which has seen the release of films and video games based on her work, is shrouded in secrecy, but the author reportedly takes a much larger proportion of the profits than is offered in standard industry deals for creators.

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This November will see the release of prequel film Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them and marketing expert Mark Borkowski told The Sun he estimates each part will take £600million, making a total of £1.8billon, while associated merchandising is likely to earn a further £2billion.

Then there’s upcoming stage play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, which has already sold £127million of advance tickets. "If the play is good, there’s already a huge fan base who can make it extremely successful,” Borkowski said. “Strong productions can run for decades so the returns are limitless.”

“The audience who first fell in love with Harry Potter are fairly young — so not only are they hungry for more material, but also in time they will have their own children who will get hooked on the stories,” he added.

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“JK Rowling has kept tight control of the franchise, so she can ensure everything released is of high quality, which is vitally important. And as long as products keep selling, she could bring out even more films, books, TV shows — the list is endless. Harry Potter could be making billions for generations to come.”

Marketing expert Stefan Drew also explained: “With all these new releases on the horizon, the franchise has the potential to become even bigger than during the books’ heyday. The beauty of the Potter series is that the success of every new part brings back attention — and therefore sales — to older parts of the franchise.”

There’s also a new Harry Potter theme park set to open in Los Angeles next month “Every successful film will also sell more books, every performance of the play will encourage more people to go to the theme parks, and so on,” Dew added.