JK Rowling has offered a blunt, curt response to a Twitter user who tweeted his unhappiness about Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore being gay. The user @halfelven55ff apparently claimed he "stopped being a fan" once he knew of the headmaster's sexual orientation, which Rowling revealed during a Q&A session in 2007.

Jk RowlingJk Rowling tackled the Twitter troll head on [Getty/Ben A. Pruchnie]

"Nice how u blindsided us with that one," the user tweeted to Rowling on Saturday (September 6, 2014). "Enjoy your billion $."

The author was quick to respond, replying, "@halfelven55ff I advise you to start following Brian Souter at once," she wrote. "He's much more your kind of person."

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Souter, a Scottish businessman and founder of the bus and train operators Megabus and South West Trains, is known to have taken political stances aligned with anti-gay messages. In 2000, when the Scottish Government were planning to abolish Section 28 laws, which forbade authorities to promote homosexuality, Souter was a prominent leader of the campaign to prevent the abolition. 

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Souter received a Knighthood in 2011, though a petition to have it withdrawn received 5000 signatures. 

 "I want to thank all the people tweeting me lovely messages," Rowling later added, "Don't worry about me - to paraphrase Albus Dumbledore..."

Souter is a prominent pro-Scottish Independence supporter, while JK Rowling is reported to have donated $1 million to the "no" campaign to have the country remain as part of Great Britain. 

Dumbledore was played by Richard Harris in the first two Harry Potter films, with Michael Gambon taking over after the veteran actor's death.

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