J.K. Rowling has incurred the wrath of her neighbours once more, with the author being blamed for causing traffic “chaos” by having her garden hedges trimmed. With headline makers salivating with the prospect of innuendo, it refers to the front garden of her Edinburgh home.

The multi-millionaire 49 year old writer has hired a set of four-way temporary traffic lights while gardeners tend to the huge Leyland cypress bush at the front of her property, which prevents passers-by from glaring in, but the process is taking a long time and causing inconvenient tailbacks in all directions while it goes on.

J K RowlingJ.K. Rowling has caused traffic "chaos" around her Edinburgh property because of garden maintenance

Angry residents have told reporters that the traffic lights have brought “chaos” to the area. “The hedges are obviously to stop people looking into her property,” one neighbour said, “it's just taking ages for them to cut the bush back. The gardeners have been here three days and have finished the front of the garden.”

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Cypress bushes grow in excess of 50 feet if left untended, so Rowling has also brought in a cherry picker to help the workmen reach the higher parts of the hedge, but this is slowing things down more. “It's chaos around there. The lights are taking too long to change, especially on the side roads. There is long queues tailing back from the lights,” the resident continued.

Rowling bought the 17th century mansion near the Scottish capital five and a half years ago for £2.25 million, and since then she’s come into conflict with her neighbours and planning authorities on a couple of occasions.

In 2011, she won planning permission to knock down a 1970s-style house she bought next door to her own home in order to extend her garden, and the following year she applied for permission to build two luxurious 40-foot Hogwarts-style treehouses in the garden. Amid complaints from neighbours, this was eventually granted too.

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