The director of public prosecutions has revealed that they will review the original police file sent to the Crown Prosecution Service related to Jimmy Savile’s alleged sexual activities.

The files were sent in 2009 to the CPS, but for some reason they chose not to look into the matter seriously; it’s been one of potentially multiple incidents where the case of Savile's alleged abuse has been brushed under the carpet. A Panorama investigation scheduled to air last year was shelved upon the DJ, promoter and television presenter’s death. However, recent weeks have seen a slew of information come to light about the activities of Savile, and as because of this, the CPS will go back and look at the evidence.

Speaking to the Houses of Parliament, British Prime Minister David Cameron commented "The director of public prosecutions has confirmed that his principal legal adviser will again review the papers from the time when a case was put to the CPS for prosecution," Cameron added.

"The director of public prosecutions specifically is going to consider what more can be done to alert relevant authorities where there are concerns that a prosecution is not taken forward” he continued. “The government will do everything it can do, other institutions must do what they can do, to make sure that we learn the lesson of this and it can never happen again. The most important thing is that the police investigation is properly resourced and is allowed to continue. I don't rule out further steps but we do now have independent investigations by the BBC, independent investigations into the NHS."