By 1990 Jimmy Savile had been made a knight in his lifetime, as well as given the Roman Catholic's highest honor, the Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great. 22 years later and the man who claimed to 'fix it' for so many children, it turns out, spend 54 years abusing the young and the vulnerable. The report has finally been completed and revealed. 

Savile died in 2011, but as the BBC reports, there was a missed opportunity in 2009 to arrest and prosecute Savile, that was missed. He was interviewed under caution in '09 in relation to three allegations. However, Savile threatened to sue the police. Ms Levitt QC said "had the police and prosecutors taken a different approach" a prosecution could have been possible.

Debbie Curtis, a victim of Savile who has been interviewed by the Telegraph already feels "let down by the way [the case has] been handled." She claims that various institutions "turned the proverbial blind eye"  and that "no one's really answered any questions, except that they agree that he's a criminal, a paedophile." While she claims it has been "a shoddy state of affairs", she concedes that the saving grace of the whole ordeal is that "It's meant that this will be unable to happen in the future... [Firstly] hopefully more victims will speak out, and secondly the CPS and the police will act on things the moment they get a complaint... whether it's a celebrity or not"