Jimmy Page found being in Led Zeppelin ''inspirational''.

The legendary rocker admits he and his bandmates - Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and the late John Bonham - experienced ''bursts of energy'' that allowed them to create their classic songs because they shared the same vision.

He said: ''As a band, we had a collective consciousness.

''It was so inspirational and songs like Rock And Roll just appeared out of thin air.

''It was like a huge burst of energy. Wonderful!''

While Jimmy has admitted a much-called for Led Zeppelin reunion is highly unlikely to happen, he is hoping to get back on the road himself next year.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''Sometime next year, I hope to be seen playing.

''Even if it's near the end of next year, it doesn't matter as long as I've got it right live. I've got new music.''

And though he is busy working on Led Zeppelin reissues, he also wants to return to the recording studio and ''surprise'' people with a new album.

Asked if he'll release a new record, he said: ''I'd like to think so. Really I just want to go out there and present a few surprises to people.''