Jimmy Page ''seriously intends'' to be playing live in 2015.

The former Led Zeppelin guitarist has confirmed rumours he is going to perform next year and says he is looking forward to getting back on stage after spending months re-mastering his former band's albums for special edition releases.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, he said: ''I seriously intend to be seen playing, to have a document of what I'm doing. I've been doing a lot of stuff, archiving everything on my behalf, on Led Zeppelin's behalf. That needed to be done. I enjoy playing live. I like sending people surprises as well.''

However, Page is not revealing any details of the set list he intends to play because he wants fans to be surprised at the concerts.

He explained: ''I've got a game plan. I'm not going to tell anybody anything. I don't want to give people ideas, where they end up going later, 'Oh, I thought he was going to do this.' I prefer to just get people by the jugular - when I'm ready.''

The 70-year-old musician has admitted in the past he'd like to reform Led Zeppelin again but singer Robert Plant doesn't want to do any more reunion shows, instead choosing to concentrate on his solo career.

Page is tired of answering questions about the possibility the rock group could play again, admitting: ''It's painful, isn't it?''

Speaking about his public sparring with Plant, 66, about their former band, he added: ''It's all right for sound bites. But I can't be bothered any more. I'm not interested in all that silliness. I don't think it's fun.''