After a celebrity gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there isn’t much left to prove, is there? Still, we hope Jimmy Kimmel keeps working and entertaining, because, even after taking up the same slot as late night heavyweights Leno and Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live keeps delivering top notch entertainment. After Matt Damon “hijacked” the show on Thursday evening, on Friday, Kimmel accepted the honor alongside his parents, his wife and former JKL intern Carson Daly.

Jimmy Kimmel And Molly McNearny At The Ceremony, Honoring Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel and wife Molly McNeary attend the ceremony honoring the talk show host. 

Carson Daly and Jimmy Kimmel at the Ceremony

Carson Daly was also there to support his former mentor. 

Like most other things, the talk show host didn’t take the ceremony, or himself all too seriously, firing a couple of quips throughout: "My parents brought me here to Hollywood to visit the Walk of Fame when I was 10 years old, and I never imagined that they would leave me here to fend for myself". Well, it looks like that plan worked, because Kimmel is currently one of the best late night hosts and exceptionally funny, if you ask us, even when he’s tied to a chair (courtesy of age-old nemesis Matt Damon, of course). About that little event, Kimmel later commented: "Last night, Matt Damon hijacked the show, and today I'm getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard," adding that there was "some concern" that Matt might hijack the event.