As rumours of Jimmy Fallon succeeding Jay Leno for NBC’s late night slot are pretty much solid at this point, another name has been added to the roster – that of Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers.

Since Fallon will almost certainly be moving to the Tonight Show from 2014 onwards, somebody has to take his spot on The Late Show and, according to NBC insiders, that somebody might just be Meyers. Fallon has been groomed by the network to replace Tonight Show veteran Leno for some time now, reportedly because NBC are desperate to appeal to a younger audience. The decision to boot Leno in particular, however, has had many industry insiders baffled, since the Tonight Show actually fills the only slot where NBC hasn’t been having trouble with ratings. While the network struggles to pull in audiences with their early morning and prime time programming, Leno has been performing consistently. Not only that – he is currently ahead of ABC’s Letterman and CBS’s Kimmel in ratings, according to USA Today.

Apparently though, NBC aren’t planning to stick to the old standard – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it - and are instead trying to prepare for the hypothetical future with hip programming to appeal to them young-uns. In any case, Fallon’s move hasn’t been confirmed by the network yet – aside from a vague hint here and there, but the rumours of Seth Meyers transfer add a whole new dimension to the entire deal. Perhaps the changes at NBC are at a larger scale than we’ve expected.

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Is Meyers replacing Fallon? Is Fallon replacing Leno? We just don't know yet.

Regarding the Seth Meyers rumors, Tonight Show producer Lorne Michaels has stated that, although he has no say in the appointment, he would like for Seth Meyers to be Fallon’s replacement. Once again though, everything is still up in the air – and knowing how things work in this business, it will probably continue to hang up there right up until the 2014 season kicks off.